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Adolpho NAvarro

Director/writer/editor/sfx creator/Cinematographer

With over 100 films/videos and 60 plus awards, director Adolpho Navarro continues to create projects for the passion of the art of storytelling since the age of nine. Each production is completed with little to no budget while sustaining a high quality production 10 times the budget size. He wears many hats and has received multiple awards as a director, writer, editor, producer, cinematographer, and special effects artist. His projects range from feature length movies, computer graphics, makeup, stop motion animation, and cartoons. Adolpho has also been a part of the independent film community actively involved with casting, judging, and panel discussions for high school and college level mentoring the next generation by sharing his experiences as a 20 year independent filmmaker.

Before graduating high school, Adolpho placed 2nd in a state-wide video competition for The American Liver Foundation in 1998. In 1999, he completed the Columbia College of Chicago Summer Program for Film Techniques and had his film selected to represent the class. He also received a scholarship from the Art Institute of Phoenix in which he received his degree in Video Production. After college he devoted his life to continue to create films in every genre to better understand each unique realm of filmmaking. Adolpho averages around 5 to 10 films a year spanning from full length to short films in all genres.

Adolpho and his team have been recognized in various international film festivals including a 1st place Epic Movie viral video contest, national TBS network airplay on "Conan", "Overall 1st Place Best Film" in some of the largest film festivals in the south west such as the Almost Famous Film Festival, Phoenix Comicon, Jerome Film Festival, and The Phoenix Film Festival. With recognition’s including "Audience Awards", "Best Script", "Best Art Director", "Best Cinematographer", "Best Editor", and a six time "Best Director" award recipient, Adolpho and his team continue to have fun creating whatever unique story that comes along.

Adolpho has also worked for the University of Arizona College of Medicine - Phoenix as the Media Production Manager where he has also directed and edited over 100 videos for the campus .

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“My goal is show the world that you don’t have to have a large budget to create award winning products. You just have to be passionate about the craft and keep making movies. Most importantly, enjoy it.”
— Adolpho Navarro