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"Shotgun!" is an epic one minute true story of revenge presented through the eyes of two different perspectives and hidden within the core story is a surprise that not even our hero could expect. This film was shot with a small cast/crew of 5 in the mountains of Prescott, Arizona during a glorious 5th of July summer day. Be sure to check out our 2 minute version.


“Felicia’s Secret” Short Film Wins

Audience Award - 2nd Place Film - Best Editing - Best Art Direction - Best Trailer - Best Actor - Best Sound Design at the IFP 48 Hour Film Festival 2019

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Film Festival 2019

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Voyage Phoenix Article Featuring


Every neighborhood from Phoenix to Scottsdale to Tempe has its own vibe, style, culture and history, but what consistently amazes us is not what differentiates the various neighborhoods but rather what they all have in common. We’ve been blown away by how many creative and talented people call the Greater Phoenix area home. Check out some of the inspiring stories we’ve discovered throughout Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe and the surrounding areas.

The best way to hone your creative craft is to continue creating and always complete your project. Always follow through to the end.
— Adolpho Navarro
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