Making of Felicia’s Secret

In this video I break down how we pulled off our heavy effects driven horror/comedy within 48 hours for the IFP Filmmaker Challenge 2019.

Awards Received - Audience Award/2nd Place Film/Best Actor/Best Editing/Best Art Direction/Best Sound Design/Best Trailer.

Making of Jacindu

Here's a behind the scenes look at how we made our special effects driven short horror film Jacindu.

Making of The Evolved Spectrum

Making of a short experimental film short with a lot of makeup and practical effects. It received 1st Place Film at the Forbidden Experimental Film Challenge 2018

Making of The Rogue Animal

Outtakes and Behind the Scenes toour Award Winning Short Film The Rogue Animal. Phoenix Comicon 2015 2nd Place PCC Film Challenge Winner.

Making of Shotgun!

Here's a behind the scenes look at how created our short action film Shotgun!. A lot of the action was improvised on set around the forest environments.

Making of Super Family Kombat

Making of our short film produced in 24 hours for the Forge-X 24 Hour Film Challenge 2018. It received 1st place at the festival.

Making of The Story Teller

Behind the scenes of how we shot our wild short film for My Rode Reel Short Film Competition.

Making of Static and Static Kinship

Making of and outtakes to from our horror short films entitled Static and Static Kinship.

Making of Playtime Strikes Back

Behind the scenes look at our award winning family puppet film entitled Playtime Strikes Back. Watch how we completed with project with a cast and crew of 3.

It received 1st Place Best Arizona Short, Audience Favorite, and 3rd Place recognition's from The Phoenix Film Festival and IFP Film Challenges 2015.

Making of Schwagged

Behind the scenes of our short award winning comedy Schwagged shot and produced in 48 hour for the IFP Breakout 48 Hour Film Challenge 2018.

It received 1st Place Film Audience Favorite Best Director - Adolpho Navarro/Best Editor - Adolpho Navarro/Best Cinematography/Best Trailer/Best use of prop - Fork/Best Art Direction

Making of Timeline Two

Behind the scenes following my journey making a movie in 48 hours for the Almost Famous Film Festival 2015. It received: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Script, and Best Actress.

Making of The 5th Sector

Behind the scenes to our sci-fi short film shot all within a single sequence without breaking scene. Hidden cuts were integrated into the storytelling. It was awarded Best Sci-Fi Film at the Misfit Film Festival.

Making of Mary’s Lullaby

Here is a short behind the scene look at how we accomplished our award winning horror film "Mary's Lullaby" for a 72 hour fright film challenge. It received 1st Place Best Film as well as Best Director Adolpho Navarro.

Making of The Alluring Frontier

Short behind the scenes look at how we accomplished The Alluring Frontier with little budget on a short amount of time. Passion and creativity have no limitations and being able to adapt quickly to your environment can play a large role in the success of your production.

Making of The 6th Sector

Making of our sci-fi sequel to The 5th Sector which was done in one continuous sequence without any cuts.

It received 1st place at the Jerome One - Shot Film Challenge

Making of The Babooshka Beast

Making of our short Babooshka Beast film we did for the Almost Famous 72 hour film festival.

Making of The Family Wish

Making of a very effects driven fantasy film in 72 hours for a film festival put on by the Almost Famous Film Festival 2013 entitled The A3F 72 Hour One-Script Movie Challenge. Everything must be shot and edited in 72 hours. We received 2nd place.

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